Sunday, January 27, 2013


I started the new year armed with my Word of the year - ideas - and the best of intentions. I would post regularly - on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I would show new stuff I had made on Fridays, textures and patterns on Wednesdays and leave Mondays for links to articles/books I have read and other interesting references. I would religiously add meaningful labels to each post to make them easier for me to find later. In fact, I was going to go through all my posts for the past three years and give them labels.
I have not posted regularly, nor on the days I planned to, I have not stuck to my categories, and I have certainly not added labels.
What can I say? Things change.

Here are a few things I made some time ago, that have also changed. I am not going to expect you to spot the differences, since the originals will be hard to find because .... there are no labels on my posts. 
New backing fabric - still have to add edging.

Threaded differently.

Stitched over hand-embroidered letters with machine. 

Bleached 'solid' doily to get lacy effect.

Do you also change things long after you have made them?


Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Robert Burns, the best laid plans often go wrong!! I didn't make any resolutions, so that I ccan't beat myself up for not keeping them - I now just have intentions, which leave me some wriggle-room!!

Leenie said...

Just like it says, "A good traveler has no fixed plans." Your blog is a great one. No reason to mess with a good thing.

Linda Sue said...

"no fixed Plans" FAVORITE! and that is life- just one day of (?) after the next in a birdfull cheerfull manner! Love the indigo doiley with spots- that is WAY cool!I usually don't mess with things after I think that I have finished with them, although if I am not entirely pleased I will mess...or toss. Sometimes I have to put on the brakes- when enough is enough, it's difficult to know.
I really must use your loo- be right there...