Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Good-Idea Leftover Salad

I think it is a good idea to post a salad, don't you? It being a new year and all that ...
I was recently reintroduced to brown & wild rice by a friend who made a lovely lunch for us of bobotie with rice. Can't remember how long ago I had brown and wild rice, and at the first nutty mouthful I realised how much I had missed it. So anyway, I immediately tootled off and bought a packet, and made it with mushrooms. And then I thought it would be a Very Good Idea to use the leftover rice for a salad. And add the leftover prosciutto from a dish I made earlier the week.

The Good-Idea Leftover salad: rocket leaves, half a cup of cooked brown and wild rice mix, one small apple (chopped), a few chopped pecan nuts,  one thin slice of prosciutto, grilled and crumbled over the salad, grated parmesan, a little dressing.


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It looks delicious - I shall file the recipe away for the summer!!