Monday, February 4, 2013

Reading, watching and doing ...

I am reading this:

At a whopping 945 pages, it breaks two of my rules (Fall Not into Temptation to Read a Thick Book, and Thou Shalt Not Read Westerns) but I am so enjoying it at the moment that I think I may break my own rules. I am only on page 76 though, so time will tell.

I recently saw William Kentridge's No, It Is exhibition at the Goodman Gallery. What a joy. I also tootled off to David Krut at Montebello where a number of Kentridge's work is on display. Printing on book pages is so my thing, although I know some feel that it is getting a bit old. Anyway, I bought a copy of Nose with 30 prints of his etchings.

I discovered a wonderful series of lectures given by Kentridge at Harvard in 2012 (see here) - if you are a Kentridge fan, you simply have to watch these!

And lastly, I have had my very first dry point etching lesson - with brilliant artist Colleen Ross. I love it!! I will very soon show you my first attempt(s).


Linda Sue said...

Kentridge is awesome and thank you so much for the link, which I promptly sent to Erik. First drawing lesson with the shadow puppets, now on to the next and the next!I am excited about what you are doing and quite envious!

Leenie said...

I haven't read Lonesome Dove but I've heard a lot of good things about it and liked what I saw of the television series based on the story. You'll have to let us know what you think when you get through with the book. Looking forward to seeing the results of your etching lessons.

Linda Sue said...

Read Lonesome Dove when I was working on a ranch - it was close to my then environs and heart. I have to thank you so much for the link to William Kentridge! I am on the fourth lecture and my tiny mind is well blown! Thank you so much- I am sending the link to EVERYONE that I care about. INCREDIBLE and just what i needed to shake me up a bit- a blast of energy out of these winter blues.Genius!!