Sunday, March 24, 2013

Felt - a change of mind.

A week ago I attended a felting workshop with the ever-creative Rosemary Sellars, and made a rectangular piece of flat felt using some of her beautiful wool roving, shorn off the backs of little Irish sheep by Rosemary herself. Well okay, that last bit is not true, but I like the image.
Anyway, I cut it into three sections - my original intention was to make a book with 6 pages, but once I got home, I changed my mind (what's new?).  I stitched them back together to form a longish strip, then machine-stitched it with Mr Darning Foot to flatten it and give it some texture. 

So now I have a scarf - just long enough to go around my neck and cross over in front. I must still finish it off and add a button to fasten it.

BTW, I discovered the blog rosiepink, by Annie and Lyn, with some amazing and easy-to-follow-tutorials (look in the left margin) on felt making - flat felt, pods, covered pebbles, etc. Have fun!


Leenie said...

Nice work. Another amazing creation out of wool. I like the image of little Irish sheep sharing their fuzzyness just for you...true or not.

Sarah said...

I like it! And the blog you shared is lovely-I have added it to my ever growing list!