Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reading, doing, watching #5.

Reading: Linked, by Albert-László Barabási. Very interesting book on networks - how everything is connected to everything else.
Watching: Saw this exhibition (Genesis) by Ryan Hewett at the Barnard Gallery. See here for more of his stunning oil portraits.
Doing: Last week we went to the Just Nuisance Birthday Parade with Snous.
Yeah, Happy Birthday, whatever. Now let's check out the competition ...

Is this the prize?? Bloody hell, I was hoping for a bit more than two bags of dog food!

Oi - watch it buddy! I don't want to make friends with just anybody, okay!

Hmmm, threesomes, that is more like it. More my size, too. I'll let you sniff mine if you let me sniff yours ...
Wow. Weird dog. Maybe it is a Great Dane. Who's the top dog, now? Hahahahaha!

(Snous didn't win any prizes, but does she care? Who wants two bags of dog food as a prize, anyway? No, she has much higher ambitions ...)

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Leenie said...

Having access to an exhibition such as Mr. Hewett's would be a delight for me. Thanks for the link so I can at least enjoy them virtually. Inspiring and amazing!

Yes, and Snous is certainly top dog. She looks like she had a sniffing good time and knew better than to lower herself to groveling for the crummy prize.