Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mat. Another one.

It is getting colder in the mornings now. While I am very happy with my bedside mat (laboriously crocheted & coiled & stitched by moi), my footsies have not been so happy with the drop in temperature when I enter our tiled bathroom in the mornings. From my coiled mat they step onto the rag rugs I have scattered around our bedroom, and then onto the icy bathroom floor. Eeeeeeek. No wonder they are grumpy in the morning. So I have come up with a clever, indeed BRILLIANT, solution.
Solution: get yourself (from your friendly neighbourhood upholstery shop) an old sample book of discontinued fabric. Trust me, they all have them, piled in heaps in dusty old cupboards. I had to buy mine, but some kinder (or possibly less-business-savvied) people will just give them away for free. Cut even-sized squares or rectangles and arrange then in a pleasing pattern (I skipped this part, as I was too much in a hurry) and then sew them all neatly  together in strips (I skipped the neatly part, too), and then sew the strips together to form a large rectangle. Mine ended up rather skew, as many of my projects do when the idea of a finished product is much more appealing than the idea of a good-looking product. Never mind, I just boldly cut the edges straight. I added strips of felt on the back to add a bit of weight and prevent it from slipping around.

I consider it a prototype - one of those projects that I fully intend to make again, but properly the next time around. Actually, most of my projects are prototypes, and of course I never make them again - properly or otherwise. So my brilliant new bathroom mat is all a bit higgledy-piggledy with unintended valleys and peaks and wrinkly bits (such as I have myself), and as you can see the rectangles don't match up properly.
But my footsies are happy.


Nicky Linzey said...

This made me laugh - a lot! I find it hard to be neat, I'm always in too much of a rush to get things finished.

Leenie said...

A great way to make your toes happy. And I doubt very seriously they care about even-ness or neatness. Still, your new mat is very pleasing to the eyes as well.

Linda Sue said...

I do believe that you down yonder have more hours in the day than we - up yonder! You get so much done!I am about to buy an old sewing machine at the antique shop where I have a booth- I have a fancy computerish Pfaff machine but I do not like it and I feel guilty every time it crosses my vision.Plus to have it serviced costs nearly as much as the one in the antique I especially want to try everything you have done, considering the fewer hours we have it may take me well into my next lifetime!

Sarah said...

This made me smile-not only the lovely rug, but the way most of your projects are prototypes you never make again. Me too! I do have some that I have repeated but too often I just want to get onto the next idea!

Denise Kiggan said...

This is delightful! I once made some cushion covers from upholstery sample squares. Because I have the same feelings as you do about finishing the project ASAP, I did a brick pattern, hoping that the fact that the rows were not absolutely straight would not show :-)