Monday, June 17, 2013

Memory #14 is of YOU.

This week's assignment was a piece of mail art that evokes a specific memory or explains one's concept of memory. Mine does both, and it took ages to make! And again, although I feel happy with the concept, I am  less happy with the outcome. (I have already made some changes to it since submitting it.) I made a list of 30 (good) memories. I then chose one of these for the first mail art item. In time I might do the other 29 as well - but knowing myself ... hmmmm, this is not likely to happen soon. Anyway, these are the images I submitted:
Front of handmade envelope:
(A4 envelope folded from drawing paper, stained with tea, painted, and stitched with embroidery floss).

Back of the envelope:

The inside of the flap contains the text: "pull to extract a memory". The embroidery floss is attached to a rivet in the flap, and tied to the first insert.
(Hand-drawn, glued on card with vilene front and back, stained with tea, painted and embroidered, rivets attached.)
The head is attached to a traced image of my hand:

The words "staying in touch keeps memories alive" are embroidered on the fingers.
The back of the hand contains a note and the back of the head a collage of images of the memory.
I am sending this one soon to a dear friend whom I visited many years ago ...


Linda Sue said...

This is utterly divine and I am going to copy it because you did not have a threat attached to it saying "if you copy this you will go to internet jail"...What a fun and wonderful gift! Clever you, always! Wonderful!

Sarah said...

I don't know why you are not happy with the outcome! It is great! Both the ideas and the execution! As L S says- clever you!