Friday, October 17, 2014

The Little Bookcase.

I started a (small) community project on our outside wall. I commissioned L'Usband to build the cabinet, I painted it with happy stripes and a sign to match, and then I proceeded to fill it with books with the help of two friends. The idea is that people can take books for free, read them, keep them or pass them on to a friend or charity. The only proviso is that I ask people not to sell books they take.

A week into the project - about 14 books have been taken, and 3 books have been added by persons unknown. Pretty cool, hey!


Tana Goosen said...

Ai, wat 'n wonderlike idee! Kry ons mense om te lees. Jammer ek is nie naby om boeke te kon skenk nie, sou graag wou.

Leenie B said...

Great project. I hope you have a good turnover and lots of friendly participation from your neighbors. If I lived near I would certainly contribute. My extra books go to a thrift shop or our library. If I didn't pass them on I'd be up to my neck in them since I usually add a book to my Amazon orders to make the free shipping limit--that makes the books free, right?

Colleen Ross said...

What an beautiful concept and inspirational success. Love what you do!