Monday, November 9, 2009

Some more Stuff

This Saturday was ... car boot sale! Yayyyyy!! This is what I bought:

A half-used starter felting kit. It included some coloured woolly bits, a felting needle and a rectangular sponge. I am not quite sure how to use it, but I have already made a wonky heart. Stab, stab, stab. Quite good for working off aggression, I can imagine ...

A set of pastel-coloured plastic mugs. Interestingly, not made in China as I imagined, but in Thailand.

These lettering manuals. Who cares that I don't own a Speedball pen? I just love letters!

And an old set of metal signwriter stencils - I used them this weekend to make a colourful garland for a lovely, sweet friend who celebrated her birthday on Sunday - we had the most divine lunch at La Colombe to celebrate!


Renee said...

First off I love the idea of a 'car boot' sale. Does that mean people just had their cars parked somewhere and the trunks opened. Love the idea.

You totally scored dear friend. I adore the letter books.

Love Renee xoxo

Anonymous said...

love the lettering manuals! just beautiful. i'd frame pages.

ah, wool. and you already have the needles? be so careful. i've been felting for weeks - i have to make dozens of apples for my daughter's school fair.

~Valentina~ said...

Car boot sale? OK. Thanks sounds great!
I *LOVE* the lettering manuals! Typographic was my favorite subject in school :)

Leenie said...

Kinda like "Trunk or Treat" or; begging-for-candy-with-costumes-in-a-safe-place-on-Halloween.

I think wool felting is what keeps Linda Sue from being a number one agressive nut job. Well maybe a worse one or--worsted hehe!! It does not slow down her creativity!

Best wishes with all your new stuff. (love the letter thingies)

Linda Sue said...

Yes, felting will save you from jail time...Can't wait to see what you come up with and if you want me to tell you stuff let me has a life of it's own.
I ,too, love the letter stencils and books- I have no talent for caligraphy so i buy letter books and scissor them that wrong?
wrf from Dexter to Snous...

Anonymous said...

Wow great finds...ALL of them...I have a lettering book just like that....letter stencil;s are awesome...cups are cool...and the felting stuff is really cool...I never done felting but quite intruiged by it and I love the look of it...I just bought a pony tail holder that has felt dread locks attached to's so much fun to wear makes me look and feel festive with colorful dread locks.

Sarah's Creations said...

Dear Anairam!
I am so sorry for droping by late.
I love them all. Beautiful finds.

Thank you for your kind words about my jewelry. I wish I had more time to make jewelry. I have a full time job and two little girls. It's quite difficult to have time for something else. But I have a wonderful husband who likes my works and supported me a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anairam - what a treasure trove. Have fun with the needle felting - very good for stressful days!!

Freshly Found said...

My heart is dripping with envy! What a fantastic stash!!!

at swim-two-birds said...

all treasures!!!
have the same metal stencils:)

aimee said...

i am throwing a temper tantrum. we have nothing as cool as your car boot sales. i want one NOW!