Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today is Africa Day! Happy Africa Day!!
Today is my birthday! Happy Birthday!!
Today we woke up with no water! Happy ... oh, well ...

Good thing I had my Cupcake and Champagne on Sunday.

(Cupcakes by Sweet Cillie's Cakery in Fishhoek; she makes the most divine cupcakes and New York cheesecake. There was a cheesecake too, but before I could take a picture, people had demolished it.)
And after all that cake and excitement little dogs fall asleep ...  L'Usbands too ...

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I will be forever grateful to Kathrin of Annekata for showing me how to put in a zip. Here is my first ever garment with a zip. Wow. I am proud of myself. No really, I am! A skirt, with gathers nogal (a South Africanism, which kind of means " Who would have thought?")

Now how is this for a masterpiece of invisibility?
Ha! and another HA!!, Miss S.
Now I must just learn how to do a waistband, that ... er ... matches up.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Museum of Green.

(Embroidery thread, found exit pass, gyroscope, found plastic aeroplane, dinosaur, Miracle ink (but I haven't yet found out what is miraculous about it), small stamp pad, Zam-Buk salve (I grew up on it), malachite pendant I won 30 years ago, bead and wire ring, office stamp pad, green glitter glue, broken wing of bird made in China, wooden letter, shwe-shwe embroidered brooch.)

Monday, May 2, 2011


I am waiting for the translator to send the first modules of the last book. I am waiting for the courier to bring the last changes to  the second book. I am waiting for the typesetter to send me the first pages of the first modules of the middle book.

A lot of waiting, and the best thing to do while waiting is bake cookies. (Here we call them biscuits, but nevermind.) I had a tub of creme fraiche close to its Use By date so I baked some sour cream cookies. Got the recipe off the Internet (here). Jeez, American recipes use a load of sugar and butter! I decreased the amounts somewhat.

What is better than a tin full of freshly baked cookies?

Not much, I think!