Saturday, May 21, 2011


I will be forever grateful to Kathrin of Annekata for showing me how to put in a zip. Here is my first ever garment with a zip. Wow. I am proud of myself. No really, I am! A skirt, with gathers nogal (a South Africanism, which kind of means " Who would have thought?")

Now how is this for a masterpiece of invisibility?
Ha! and another HA!!, Miss S.
Now I must just learn how to do a waistband, that ... er ... matches up.


Sarah said...

Well done you! I have been visiting Annekata since you recommended her ages ago and I really enjoy her posts-always so thoughtful and interesting and informative-I saw this one about the zips and thought I should try but have not. It is weird how these things that should be basic knowledge are not. I am inspired to try socks after a conversation with the nice lady in the junk shop today. But I am scared-I don't really know how to follow a pattern-I have always just done scarves and squares-and legwarmers which are not hard either!

annekata said...

Aww, thanks ladies.

So glad you could use the zipper tutorial!! Love the skirt and the fabric and no one will ever see that the waistband doesn't line up. (Well, and who cares...) Rugged beauty is what we'll call it. Have a wonderful weekend!

Leenie said...

Congrats on your new skill! Well done. The skirt is a beauty.

arcadia said...

Daai is 'n wonderlike tutorial. So bly jy het die link gepost, nou het ek ook gesien hoe mens dit doen, dit intimideer my altyd vreeslik. Ek kan nie klere maak nie, maar wil baie graag leer, en het die laaste ruk so sukkel-sukkel begin probeer. Jou romp is impressive, hoor!

Anonymous said...

Well done on the zip - better luck next time on the waistband (Just wear a long top and no-one will see it!!)

Linda Sue said...

ARG! Zippers- no thank you-I avoid them especially the plastic ones. Though the metal ones do tend to make me go back to the fabric shop to buy several needles having pounded over them and shattered many- I still prefer metal zips. You are a brave sewing person- I was going to say "sewer" but that looks so wrong.