Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekword: Hiding

Do you know of  the Woolly Monster that snuffles and slurps and snorts, and crunches and cracks things too hideous to mention? Listen to it here.

And then run away quickly, quickly and hide! It is coming to get you ... !

Director:             Anairam Traws
Soundman:          L'Usband
Woolly Monster: Snous


Linda Sue said...

OHHH rattling chains, crunching bones, truly horrible! I nearly wet 'em- so scared!
Have I mention in the last five minutes how mush I loathe your take away- from -blogland- the- light- and- delight- of- all JOB?
I hope thee be done soon!

Leenie said...

Hehe! I saved the slobbering and clanking in my sounds folder. I may need something like that for a Halloween Video. Snous will get full credit.

Time to run and hide!

Anonymous said...

I would run and hide under the bed - but the ankle-grabbing monster might get me!!

Anonymous said...


Nicky Linzey said...

I have one of those lurking in my house too!
Happy Birthay for Tuesday.