Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I am no sports fan. But I have succumbed to the World Cup fever in a big way. My, what excitement! It feels like the entire country has come together, united for a change. I have planted a flag in a potplant in front of our house, I have a flag flying proudly on my car, and I have watched three games on TV so far. Unprecedented! And Snous has joined me.
Hey, what's this?

Wow, great move!
Okay, guys, now get that ball!
Yay, Bafana, Yaaaaayy!!!

We are playing France today. I have great hopes for us.
Go, Bafana Bafana!! Go!!!!


tjoekie said...

En waar is liewe Snous se makaraba of beanie? Stem saam : Go Bafana! Make us proud! Ayoba!!

Freshly Found said...

Yes! Yes! Hoping for a miracle!

Leenie said...

HA HA! Go Snous! Fun pics. What a great fan! Yes, world cup has taken over. I just like to watch soccer to see those fit guys run and kick. WOW! Best of luck to SA but it doesn't look good for either of our teans.

Sarah said...

The world cup is so exciting isn't it? Every time I mean not to get involved as the disappointment is always too much to take. But each time I do! I haven't got a car flag but I have considered it. It may be too late tomorrow though! We have got a staff meeting so I am going to miss England's third match. I am not impressed!

Susan said...

Aw so cute - love it! Curious to know if the dog's team will win..