Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tick Tock.

I received a lovely gift from a friend last week - all the way from New York. One of her original illustrations! An artist and illustrator, she also writes (and illustrates) these two blogs: here and here. Her work reminds me of that of Maira Kalman - she shares the same ability to illustrate a perfectly ordinary event or object in such a way that one can't wait to turn the page (or wait for the next instalment).

Have a great weekend, dear friends. Have a cup of tea (rooibos, preferably); better yet, share it with a friend!


Sarah said...

What a lovely present! I really like that tea too-I had never had it until I read the books about Mama Ramotswe!

Anonymous said...

I drink rooibos every second Tuesday when my housegroup meets, as I have some in the studio ..... I don't know why I don't have some in the house!!

kendalee said...

Oh I'd love to share a cup of rooibos with a friend... maybe soon. What a lovely gift! And how lovely the things you've been creating while I've been away from the blogosphere - that necklace and ring are just gorgeous!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend too, xo

editor said...

it is just too hot here for tea!
so happy it made you happy.