Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A 15-year old project in progress

I was amused to find an old project in a stack of papers this weekend. I started this collage triptych at a time when I was working full-time, studying towards another degree, and raising three boys. None of which I did with great distinction, I have to add.

I can only guess at my mood at the time of making this. It was probably laundry day (Saturday), as triangles of lint from the tumble dryer feature boldly. I also notice that I burnt holes in the paper, and in places entire edges have been destroyed. Hahahaha! Well, I survived, in fact, we all did, so that's great. A success story, so to speak.

I added a bit of paint and some embellishment yesterday. The sign language letters are symbolic. Geddit? Anyway, I am not quite finished yet. The painted areas must be reworked, and I want to add a spot of embroidery.

( Embellishments kindly donated by Mrs LSH of Hamstertown; background paintings by Bertha Everard and Tinus de Jongh, from an old calendar; lint from my old tumble dryer, long departed; Wonder Woman images copyrighted by DC Comics blah, blah blah ...)


arcadia said...

Dis baie cool. Hoe oud is jou kinders nou?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the second sentence of Arcadia's comment is asking how old your children are now!!

Linda Sue said...

wonder Woman- I'm with you! I have had my fill!
space ship lint filter- you are so scientific- i bet it would fly!
You are in my thoughts daily- I wonder how you do it without going mad or at least blind!

Leenie said...

One of the best ways to release frustration and the desire for mayhem--PUT IT DOWN ON PAPER. If it still speaks to you later--it is art.

The collage of stuff makes a great statement. To be translated by the viewer. All those grayish wedges remind me of early ultrasounds of my final child. It was both good news and a feeling of foreboding.

Way to go Wonderwoman!