Saturday, October 31, 2015

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Don't speak to me.

 Sometimes the noises in one's head is of one's own making.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Artist's Statement.

Not long ago I was asked to provide my artist's statement for a group exhibition. I thought and thought and agonized a bit and then agonized some more and finally wrote two short paragraphs in simple English to describe what it was that I was after. And was then inspired to write a short poem to add to my statement. So after all this effort and agony I was rather taken aback when at the opening my work was displayed without my artist's statement whereas none of the other artists' statements were missing.  Hmmmmmm ....

I really do want to believe the curator when she explained that mine went missing by accident .  But in my weaker moments I do wonder about it .... I tend to avoid words and phrases like narrative, multiple layers of meaning, deconstruction of the opacity of politics, emergent transformative oeuvre, feminist discourse and so forth.  My (missing) artist's statement certainly did not sound as academic as most of the others on display. Or maybe it was the poem? I guess one is not supposed to write a poem as part of one's statement. But hey! My poem did not rhyme - that should count for something!!

Next time I am going to use this to write my artist's statement.

Happy Birthday!!

The Little Bookcase is 1 year old, and a good year that has been. People are using it, taking books and leaving their own books to be shared.

Happy Birthday, dear Little Bookcase! May you have a long and happy life, and may your tummy always be filled with good stuff.