Friday, March 6, 2009

Thoughts on Creativity #1

Today my copy of Esti Hernandez de Miguel's book arrived in the post. Called My Drawings of wolf men, girl skaters, tree women, black skies and other stories, it is a beautiful collection of drawings, quirky stories and musings. (See more of her fantastic work here.)

As I was paging through it and delighting in how her mind works, I was thinking of my month of tadding, and how difficult (and draining) I found it to think of things to make (and then to make them ...) and how relieved I was when it was all over and I could relax into my semi-vegetative state once again. My goodness, to have the discipline to sit down every day and work at an idea!

I have renewed admiration and appreciation for creative people, I really do. For those who sit down every day (or almost every day) and create. Whether it be a drawing, a piece of music, paragraphs of prose or poetry, a felted garland, a paper doll, a tea towel with a hand-printed design, a clever cushion cover, an outfit, amazing hand-lettered art, a photograph, a painting, a vignette of arranged objects ...

Creative people, I salute you all.

And now go off and have a fantastic weekend. Make something. (Or take a little rest.)


Sarah said...

What beautiful work! You make me laugh with your descriptions of what you are like! What amazes me is that there are so many original thinkers(like yourself) out there. I quite often feel deeply unoriginal but very inspired by all the wonderfulness I see around me.
Have a great weekend!

aimee said...

excellent reflection on creativity - i enjoyed this! and i have esti's book - it is indeed a beautiful piece of work and i look at it often.

by the way, your tadding discipline has me thinking about a superinsane project... if i work up the nerve to do it, i'll let you know!

Stephanie said...

Happy weekend!

curious girl (lisa) said...

I salute YOU! your month of creative projects was beautiful and inspiring!

Linda Sue said...

Hats off to you Ms. Creative genius! I hope that you get your computer soon!
I am curious to know what superinsane project Aimee has in mind- could be fun and fun is what I am after!!!

Esti said...

thanks for your words on my book. I'm glad you are enjoying it :)

(I'm curious about aimee's project too)

... and I have tagged you


kendalee said...

I agree but I think you underestimate yourself! The quiet incubation periods are as much a part of the creative process as anything and I think you DO live creatively every day. The evidence is in everything you do!