Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let there be light.

Oh my goodness - I ended 2010 with a post about dishcloths. I will certainly have to be more eloquent and insightful with my first post of 2011.

We had a little party - L'Usband & Snous & I. I switched on every string of fairy lights I have; we looked at the sky as the last light of the sun coloured the clouds; we drank champagne. I put on some jazz and Snous and I danced a little. We watched Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, and then we fell asleep, Snous between us. But luckily we all awoke at a quarter to midnight, just in time to burn a sparkler to welcome the New Year.

I wish you light in this new year, dear friends. Light to see the way forward; light to see within; the light of love; the light of friendship. Yes, may you always have ample light.

xxx Anairam 


kendalee said...

Thank you - light is always welcome! May your 2011 continue as it started, so beautifully. Your party sounds just perfect. I've always thought it would be great if we could take a nap mid-party and then come back to it when the important stuff's about to start up again!

And as for the dishcloth - I was inspired by it! As I always am by your creative projects. I love how you just get on and do stuff. I umm and aaah over ideas for so long that I hardly get anything actually made. Your way's much better!

Love and light to you too. Always, K xox

Anonymous said...

We had sparklers and champagne too! Hope you have a wonderful year!

Freshly Found said...

Your dsihcloth were a beautiful and innovative way to end the year!
All the best 2011! It seems to have got off to a lovely start. Looking forward to enjoying your quirky creative talent in the coming year! I really do 'get' you!

annekata said...

We also had sparklers, too much good food, red wine and no champagne. There was glittering snow, cold cheeks and never ending fireworks.
I wish you a peaceful 2011, full of wonder and filled with light!

Leenie said...

Happy New year, Anairam! And to L'Usband & Snous as well. I, too, like the idea of jazz, dancing and getting in a nap before the final few minutes of the year. Wishing good things for you in 2011.

Sherman Unkefer said...

Your dishcloth are beautiful and your party sounds just perfect. Have a happy new year!