Friday, April 27, 2012


Unfortunately my sculpture is in no state to be shown today. She is undergoing major reconstructive surgery. When I finished stuffing her earlier this week, she was pigeon-breasted, hunch-backed, had a scrawny, wrinkly chicken neck, and her face got completely distorted (basic geometry - I should have realised ...)

Anyway, I am reworking her, so for today (and in tribute to my Learn word-of-the-year) I leave you with this interesting article from the NYT, and this game.

Oh yes, and this picture which I took at a picnic a few months ago.


Sarah said...

Yes it is hard to always predict what will happen when somthing is stuffed-easy to forget fabric changes shape easily! I have lots of interesting doll making books with solutions to this problem. I hope the surgery goes well.

Leenie said...

Chicken photos always make me smile. Something about them just seems friendly and fun.

As for the learning article: very interesting. But I agree with the conclusion. Like anything else which can improve a person, whether it be strength training, diet or learning. If there isn't something to motivate and overcome basic human nature the results won't last.

Anne said...

I love the chicken!!

nathalie et cetera said...

from what i see in your previous post, I am sure that she will come out of surgery as a beauty.

cute chicken!