Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vessel #1.

This term my art course focuses on vessels. In the first few sessions we have been making clay vessels - which I will show as soon as they have been fired and glazed. In the meantime I am experimenting with "fabric" vessels in preparation for the last part of the course.

Here is a small vase I crocheted (around a glass jar) from a lovely soft cotton string. I formed the neck of the vase by decreasing and increasing again.


Linda Sue said...

a great vase to use where there is a scarcity of water. Love anything made of string- string is a happy thing.AND if, in a pinch, you need to wipe Snous eyes, there it is! Soft and lumpy- great for wiping pup's faces.

Leenie said...

Very unusual and kind of ironic---a container full of holes.