Monday, August 20, 2012

Vessel #3.

Crocheted with thin jute string using a large crochet hook. Stiffened with a combination of fabric stiffener & wood glue.
(I am having a bit of trouble removing the shiny bits of residue left over from using the stiffener. Have tried using a needle to scrape it away in the "holes" but haven't been entirely successful. The construction, although holding its shape nicely, is quite delicate. Any advice?)
I may weave through rope or string at some stage - although I quite like that it is so lacy and see-through at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a cotton bud (the ones you are not supposed to clean your ears with!) dipped in a little nail polish remover might remove the residue. For extra stiffening, spray starch might work (but please try it on a sample first and don't ruin your lovely bowl!)

Linda Sue said...

From here- only inches away- it looks fabulous! I love this air bowl! It is wonderful- I have no idea how to preserve it's delicacy - I don't do delicate well. Wondering if varnish water based of course applied with a fine brush might keep it from collapse.