Monday, March 4, 2013

Life without Lipstick.

"What is life without lipstick?" she mused.
"Indeed," said Birdie, "it certainly adds a little glamour to life."
"Do you make yours of crushed beetles, like Cleopatra did?" she asked.
"Oh, please! That is so B.C." replied Birdie. "Chanel is absolutely the only way to go."


Jenny Woolf said...

Cool "hanky" picture, I like it. The touch of red on the bird's beak is very effective.

Linda Sue said...

I must agree lipstick does improve/enhance her beauty! The little bird as well! He must have kissed her on the lips, he looks the sort.

Leenie said...

Lipstick certainly does add a little glamour. You're creativity and imagination have turned that handkerchief into a keepsake. Love it.