Saturday, March 16, 2013


I have  always been fascinated by the ways rumours are created and spread, and how we, who have not been involved in the original incident or event, will with complete sincerity and conviction, retell a rumour as the absolute truth, in the process maybe adding an imagined detail or two. Here are two new dry point etchings I have finished over the past two weeks. I am planning a series of three - I am busy working on the last one.  I am copying existing vintage images, and placing them in the context of the creation and spreading of rumours.

Rumours I (drypoint etching).  Thanks to Svetlana for providing me with the text for this one.

Rumours II (dry point etching). I have taken a particular rumour found on the Internet, and calculated its information content using Shannon's formula.


Linda Sue said...

Well i heard that Sally wears no panties hoping to find wind and a good time- Mary told me that's what Jane's second cousin told her, must be true because Evelyn heard the same thing. I so love your two works here- Good stuff, GREAT stuff! Love how you keep learning and pushing the envelope- stepping out of the box- boxes_ such a creative genius, YOU!

Krisha said...

your work keeps on amazing me!