Monday, April 22, 2013

The Games we Play.

I have written and printed words to go with the six paper-and-pencil game etchings. I have printed the six (as well as the two text plates) on my own handmade paper. (The ones in the photos below have been printed on Italian etching paper.) I am going to bind the 8 etchings on handmade paper into a handmade book. I haven't quite decided on the binding method and cover though ... but you will see it all in due course!


Leenie said...

You've created a very unique and amazing set there. Clever thoughts, interesting font and so worth framing. I'd say do a shadow box with the pieces raised and the deckled edges on display. Love it!

Linda Sue said...

SO COOL Mrs. Madam! I envy your art doings! Would love to live in your head for a while! LOVE!!!