Friday, May 3, 2013

Trip to Napier.

Oh, my goodness. Almost two weeks have passed since my last post. I have seen two print exhibitions (see here and here) , been to a concert of exquisite tango music by the Cape Town Tango Ensemble (listen here), attended a picnic at Kirstenbosch, purchased two beautiful etchings, taken a trip to Napier, made some stuff, done some studying, constructed a book. In short, I have been a busy little bee.

Napier is the village in the Overberg where my dad grew up.

Farm road outside Napier.

Exploring the garden at tranquil and pet-friendly Driftwood Cottage (yay for the Reyburns!) .
Making friends with the cheeky dachsie at Wild Thyme (well worth a visit for the very delish tapas-style menu).
Visiting my dad, Ouma & Oupa Ver.
From Napier it is just a short drive to Struisbaai. This is the harbour view (with my bro' on the left, looking for stingrays). Sadly the harbour area may soon be developed, losing its quaint and unique character.
Snous playing the fool at the Red Windmill outside Napier.

Have a great weekend, dear friends! Take a road trip, or if you do not have time, a simple drive, yes, just a tiny little journey is what you need to revive your spirits and renew your inspiration ...


Leenie said...

How nice to go on a virtual visit with you. Snous looks like a great traveling companion. Love those fluffy ears. :D

Too bad there are so MANY miles between us. I'd love to visit you and your world in person.

We're planning a road trip tomorrow but it will only be to Utah. At least they should have some warmer weather.

Colleen Ross said...

So inspiring.... i just want to jump into the car and go to Napier!!! thanks for sharing.

Luzanne said...

Ou pik amper 'n traan toe ek Oupa se graf sien... :( Ek en Neelsie sal defnitief 'n draai daar moet maak wanneer ons weer in Sept / Okt kom! xxx