Monday, May 27, 2013

Reading, doing, watching #6.

We went to the The Benediction of Shade exhibition at David Krut, which included some amazing prints, as well as a very interesting performance by ||Hui !Gaeb di Khoen (Cape Town’s People). Scroll down the images from the opening, and you will see one very cultured and art-savvy doggie perusing the art. (Actually, she was sniffing the floor, but she did look at the art, can we help it that the photographer chose this undignified moment to snap her?)

We also saw the Changing Faces exhibition at the Barnard Gallery - well worth a visit! Some lovely work there, including a huge etching by William Kentridge in lovely black, grey and red. I also really liked the Robert Slingsby pastel and chalk portrait, Jaco van Schalkwyk's allegorical painting, the title of which refers to this looooooooooooooong lullaby, and John Meyer's A Goal Too High. (Don't you just love narrative paintings? You can imagine an entire story around this single image.)

I celebrated my birthday with cake and champagne. (No photos ...)

Did I mention that I am doing Tai Chi again? (two months now). Yep, I am grasping the swallow's tail, spreading my wings, and so forth ...

Reading I read (or rather, devoured with my eyes) these two books:
Sometimes I think, Sometimes I Am by Sara Fanelli. I love her work!

No, It Is - by William Kentridge.

The first was a b'day prezzie from L'Usband, and the second a b'day prezzie from myself.

... my tomatoes grow ... teeny, and quite by accident ...

Have a great week, dear friends. May it be filled with awesome art, and maybe a tomato or two.


Linda Sue said...

Cutest tomatoes I ever did see! The lady walking the white pup is tall and elegant and I can see that she is quite thin and needs to eat a sandwich! Wonderful exhibit and I have envy! The large etching made me want to scroll down to see the other half but then I realized that maybe that was the entire piece...made me feel incomplete , like I only had a portion of experience, Uncomfortable but I am sure the etching technique is the lovely part about it. The best part of the exhibit, for me, is the lady and the white pooch.

Leenie said...

Amazing exhibition! Nothing like that here even for art critic doggies to check out. Linda Sue is right about the lady with the white pup being elegant and tall. If all three of us ever get together we'll make quite a sight of odd sizes all enjoying each other's company. (I would have to borrow a doggie so I could at least match that way).