Friday, May 17, 2013

The Games We Play - book.

I printed the Games We Play series on handmade (by moi) paper and bound it into a simple book - concertina spine structure with pages sewn in. I covered it with a textured and fibrous paper with a lovely rough deckle - I dyed it to try and match the look of the etchings. I also dyed the thread that I used to stitch the pages. I must still do the title on the front page and the colophon. I have practised stencilling and stamping the title - neither really looks right - so I am now wondering whether I should make an etching with the title and then attach it to the front somehow ... What do you think?


Linda Sue said...

Oh wow! That is one fine piece of art work, Dearest Madam . I like your idea of doing another etching for the cover, It is such a stunning work. You have a great deal of patience and attention to detail! I have...glue.
Dexter and Cubby send wags. xxoo

Leenie said...

I really like the look of your book so far. I like the natural colors and the deckled edges. The etching cover sounds great. I hope you can figure out a way to make it work.