Monday, July 29, 2013

The Tree.

On Friday I attended a fun Inky Fingers afternoon organized by Colleen Ross. People made such amazing etchings that I felt a bit embarrassed by my quick & dirty effort.

The Tree (dry point etching, collaged paper from an old envelope)
I used the point of an awl to make the spiral dots (using a hammer). In fact, the funny line you see on the left is because I hammered a bit vigorously and cracked my perspex plate. I used a sewing tool (for tracing patterns) to get the other dotted lines, and rough sandpaper for the grass.


katyrose said...
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Colleen Ross said...

It will look even better if you chine colle it on Friday. Most importantly you extended you repertoire of mark making. Love your starry starry sky.

Anonymous said...

Yes, so enjoying this and what Col says about extending le repertoire! I tried a whole lot of tools including hammering with a nail and got the cracked look too. Thankyou Anairam for showing the result, I am going to use mine now that I can see how it prints (I worried that the inkwould leak out on the other side of the Perspex?) Very much appreciate your explanations of the process you used xxx

Leenie said...

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