Monday, August 5, 2013

profiteri #1 - The Mathematician.

 profiteri - (Latin) 'declare publicly' (see profess)sense 1 derives from the notion of an occupation that one ‘professes’ to be skilled in

I started with this series of etchings six weeks ago.  Originally I intended to make two or three illustrations of faces. Then I thought it would be neat to make them of people illustrating different professions, for example an ornithologist with a bird, an architect with a building, etc.  I soon found out that I can not draw out of my head. All the facial features looked the same - the noses, the eyes and eyebrows, the shapes of the faces. So I ditched the first few illustrations and started over, this time using photographs of real people as a starting point. They are not meant to be likenesses, in fact some of them hardly look like the person I used as basis. I ended up with 14 different professions. 
Time to stop now.

profiteri #1 - The Mathematician (drypoint etching).
(Quite a lot of plate tone on this one. I think I will clean it up a little more when I finally print it on good etching paper.)

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