Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Two books about art.

Two great books to add to your reading list. On my recommendation.

A great book on the function of art. It has definitely influenced the way I look at art. (And has confirmed some views I have held ...). Written in de Botton's inimitable style.

A lovely book. Great story and great characters. Not (for me) as good as The Secret History and The Little Friend, but still, I could not put it down, which says a lot. And now of course everyone is flocking to see the real painting ....


Linda Sue said...

haven't read the Goldfinch is very expensive in the bookshop and borrowed into the next century at the library. I will wait until the fervor dies. At first I read that Mr. BOTTOM wrote the other and though anything written by a bottom would be well worth the effort!

Linda Sue said...

THOUGHT- I THOUGHT I have never though-ed to my recollection.