Monday, February 24, 2014

Every 3 Minutes.

On Saturday we had our first public rehearsal of the performance piece, Every 3 Minutes*, conceived and created by artist Colleen Ross. The piece addresses the horrifying frequency of child rape.

Embroidering the tiny and delicate christening robes.

Ringing the bell to mark the passing of 3 minutes.

Threading the needle.

Undoing the hoop.

Folding the dress.

Packing away the dress in the suitcase.

Removing the dresses from the tree.

Closing the box.

The end of the performance - we walk away.

*From the performance notes:

Every Three Minutes

by Colleen Ross

Every Three Minutes is a performance artwork that deals with child rape. Christening robes are being embroidered with information about child rape and murder. quotations from children, shameful legal interpretations, lack of justice, child rights, statistics and details of crimes. The intention is to show respect to the victims and draw attention to ways in which the public can act constructively by aiding various organisations. The fragile little dresses symbolise vulnerability, beauty, hope and love. The act of embroidering evokes centuries of loving, caring and nurturing of infants by their mothers. As we examine the dresses we realise that the embroidered text deals with appalling violence, suffering and often death of innocents. During the performance which lasts 50 minutes, a bell tolls every three minutes to symbolise a rape. At this point a dress is lovingly folded and reverently placed in a suitcase. When the last dress is packed into the suitcase, the performers slowly gather their belongings and leave the scene


Tana Goosen said...

Wat 'n wonderlike idee Snuzzi! Word die dooprokkies later gebruik?

Leenie B said...

Respect is priceless. With respect for the rights of humanity, creatures, plants and the earth itself so much suffering and so many problems would disappear. Your work is beautiful and important.

Sarah said...

Shocking and moving. Interesting to see how you approached this difficult subject and great that you are raising awareness through your art.