Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Exhibition Opening.

Oh yay!!!! My first* exhibition has just opened at a local gallery. It is a group exhibition, and I feel very privileged to be be able to exhibit with this group of talented print makers.

The opening was a blast:
Making sure the liquid refreshments are ready: exhibiting artist Jane McIlleron, and organizer of the exhibition, artist and teacher Colleen Ross.
Colleen Ross discussing a work with exhibiting artist Trudi McPherson.

Viewing the exhibition.

Exhibiting artist and gallery owner Theresa Jo Wessels, organizer Colleen Ross, and guest speaker Judy Moolenschot.

Exhibiting artists Lana Davis (middle) and Anairam (right), with beloved Tai Chi teacher, Fiona Barclay Smith. 

A visitor, L'Usband and exhibiting artist Bridget Wares fortifying themselves on the patio.

Exhibiting artists Nicola Visser and Rosa Shepherd discussing their art with a visitor.

Visitors on opening night. 

Colleen Ross with exhibiting artists Caryl Hochleutner and Bridget Wares.

Anairam with exhibiting artist Sue Kaplan.

Viewing the artist books.

As for the art, well, you will have to visit the exhibition! I have on display Nine Ants, my Rumours series, and three artist books - The Games We Play, Rumours and Travail. 

* I have just been reminded that technically this is not my first exhibition - last year a mail art etching of mine was on exhibition in Amadora, Portugal.


Linda Sue said...

And a good time was had by all- So summery down yonder, everyone looks glowy! Congratulations for a fabulous show and your ant head is among our faves! Itchy and tingly.Wish I could have been there- as your midget friend with many chins...that would be a good thing to ART. Wonderful show, Ms. and where was our Snous?

Tana Goosen said...

Ag, dit lyk te heerlik! Pragtige fotos liewe sib!

Leenie B said...

I saw on Linda Sue's comments that one of your pieces sold. Congrats! Yes, having someone besides your mother appreciate you work is very rewarding. Best wishes for more success. The gallery party looks like great fun. I love my own little Anairam booklet. Nice work.

Sarah said...

Exciting! Congratulations on your exhibition. The opening night looks lots of fun as LS said. Would love to pop in and see it all!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful evening and happy memories, Anairam!!! Here's to many more xx