Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Last Saturday I visited  Infecting the City with two friends. To add to the fun we went by train. I last took this suburban train 27 years ago -  can you believe it? Contrary to expectations (and fears, since one always hears the bad stories about people getting mugged or thrown off the train) it was very pleasant. The carriage was quite clean and there were more than enough fellow passengers (this depends on the time of day, I am sure)  to feel safe but not crowded. It was great not to have to sit in the car hunched over the steering wheel for 50 minutes, teeth clenched and nerves shot, wasting petrol, and then struggling to find parking. So all in all a good experience.(But jeez, Metrorail, do something about the CT station toilets! They are quite, quite horrible - talk about infecting the city ...)

Some photos of the events we saw:

On the train, passing Fish Hoek.

Puppets on Thibault Square.

More puppets and Archbishop Tutu..

The band.

Swopping roles.

A man with a mission. 

Spectator & parrot. 

Pas de deux. 

Daniel - a railways employee with baggage trolley at the station. He asked me to please publish his name in the newspaper. He seemed sad when I said that I was not a journalist, so I explained that I would publish the photo on the internet, at which he cheered up considerably. He gave only his first name. So Daniel, this one is especially for you.

3600 - an art installation about the extent of rape in this country.

Walking the Rose Path

Angels at Golden Acre Centre, waiting for the clock to strike 12.

In the Slave Church in Long Street - Antjie in Berlin - a performance work with piano, electronic sounds, and the recorded voice of Antjie Krog reading some of the material from her book Begging to be Black.

Young dancers performing on Church Square.


Sarah said...

This looks like a great event! Daniel certainly has his hands full with that massive trolley!

Leenie B said...

What an fun way to spend a day! I would have loved both the train ride and the party. Thanks for "taking us along."

Linda Sue said...

That was a splendid outing , Madame Wonderful event. You did not mention food, something that both Dexter and I look forward to reading about . I assume you were so excited you completely forgot to nosh. I understand, so much going on in such a monumental way! You must have passed out on the way home- another reason to take the train. The train here is my preference for travel up and down the coast- business class so that I have a huge area and window to myself. Thank you for taking such great photos of the day and events and Daniel. Dexter sends wiggles to Snous, he would like to have had her with him today, there was a wedding in the park! He would like to have pretended it was his and his bride - Snous!

Linda Sue said...

oh, and the rose petals look like glass, I was very concerned at first!