Monday, June 9, 2014

Accidental felt.

I knitted this cowl last year with a beautiful grey merino wool. Put it in the washing machine last week and had a big shock when it emerged as a considerably smaller felted scarf. But after a while I decided that I like the felted version better - it fits snugly round my neck in a double loop, and feels warmer.

Then I got bold and decided to wash another piece I knitted last year - a two-toned rectangular shawl knitted on big needles with mohair.  Unfortunately this time it felted kind of uneven - parts of it stuck together most unattractively and had to be pulled apart. I might put a button and loop on to fasten it and use it as a kind of asymmetrical wrap around my shoulders, or maybe I should put it through the machine again and see what happens? Time will tell.

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