Monday, June 25, 2012


I knitted a cowl (some people call it a snood, but apparently there is a difference - see here). Mine is definitely a cowl as it is not wide enough to drape around my head. I knitted it with 100% merino hand-dyed wool (in a lovely light-grey) using very large needles as I wanted a looser look. (No, not a loser look, silly!)

The first two books for the next round of proofreading arrived today. Sigh. But I have kept aside a few of the things I made during the past few weeks so that I will have something to post over my busy  period.
Wish me luck! (At least I will be warmly muffled up with my new cowl ...)


Linda Sue said...

oh dear- more proofreading- at least it keeps your brain smart, right? And what with your flurry of creativity lately maybe your brain really needs some tedium and structure...(doubt it)...I have been enjoying your posts so much, I really do not like that the books have arrived.I am selfish that way.
Love your new knitty- and grey is very close to black so of course I love it, too!

Nicky Linzey said...

I'm in that situation - too much work to be creative for myself. At least it pays the bills (one less worry!) Lovely knitting.

Anonymous said...

Your cowl looks lovely. Good luck with the proofreading!