Monday, June 18, 2012


I want to show you where I've put my flags - above the window in my study-oh (a combination of study and studio...)

They are dedicated to my wonderful mixed media teacher, Rosemary Lapping-Sellars,  who found the small flame of my creativity and tends it with care and dedication. She inspires me always.



So fun to see you flags in place, looks good and must be inspirational. I especially like the "Explore" and "Look" flags, really beautiful.

This is also something a step-by-step-process to have in mind. And I like the way it spells LEARN!

My laptop still doesn't work after the coffee accident, but my brother can probably get me another one very cheap. Not new, but one that works well. This week I'm using my son's computer, while he is with his father. Things usually work out, somehow :-)

Have a great, creative week!

Leenie said...

A dedicated and inspiring teacher is priceless. Your work looks excellent in that setting.

nathalie et cetera said...

I love this! I was wondering what was the evolution of the words. Very clever. And it looks wonderful over your window.

I hope your back pain goes away. Mine lasted for a week and it is still fragile. I need to get in shape!

Anonymous said...

Your creative flame is burning bright!!