Friday, June 22, 2012

Draw 3 & 4 - The Egg.

I haven't yet posted the results of my last two drawing classes.
Class 3 was my favourite - we played with brush, pen and ink, and we were instructed to first experiment on the middle of the page, and then to depict the objects (a scrunched up small piece of fabric and some twiggy bits) - but rather than rendering the objects accurately, to interpret them and come up with abstract shapes and forms.

In the final class I really battled - we had to depict the surface texture of a vase as accurately as possible, using only charcoal, and one or two crayons.

I couldn't understand why everyone else's vases looked three-dimensional, but mine flat. 'Well,' the instructor said to me, 'think of how you learnt to draw an egg, and then do the same.'
Hey dude, I never learnt to draw an egg!

Last week I bought Danny Gregory's book The Creative License - Giving Yourself Permission to be the Artist You Truly Are.
I sure hope it is going to teach me how to draw an egg.


Monica said...

ooh, this looks like fun. it has been so many years since i took an art class, i really itch for one.

Sarah said...

Danny Gregory id great! Love the drawing of the metal jug-and the real thing below.

Nicky Linzey said...

Love your black and white drawings


Ha ha, I'm not sure you really NEED to be able to draw an egg. Your vase looks great without that effect, and the charcoal peaces are sooo lovely!

It would be interesting to know what you think about the book :-)