Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flags 3

The third word is Analyse.

Flag 3: Analyse: hand-dyed (with turmeric) cotton base, other fabric strips, stamping, buttons, silk flower, ribbons, gauze, batik, stitching.


Leenie said...

At first I thought the new word was a pretty feminine name, like Anna Leise. Then I realized I was looking at a British spelling for analyze. So now I will analyse (or examine in detail to discover the meaning) your most uncommon and unusual stitchery flag.

krisha said...

I am just mesmerizes by your flags!
What are your plans for them?

Linda Sue said...

Yes, a pretty, cerebral name for a girl- Leenie.
These flags that you are pumping out are TOO great! The stitching must take a very long time! Best wabi-sabi art!