Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flags 1

Yay! I finished my "prayer" flags. As I've explained before, they are based on the Buddhist prayer flags - 5 flags, in colours green, red, yellow, blue and white. (I adapted the white and used an earthy/orange colour instead.) Each flag has a front and back - so there are 10 surfaces in total.

I used 5 words that for me symbolize the creative process.
The first one is to Look.

Flag 1: Look: hand-dyed (with spinach) cotton base, other fabric strips, ribbons, gauze, batik, stitching.


nathalie et cetera said...

"LOOK"! Lovely! will you show more?

Linda Sue said...

Best prayer flags EVER- I have so much to learn, oh Madam Master-of-all sorts! The dyed with spinach did not come through on my monitor- just looks like normal white-ishness- Love what you have done with your stitches and I am sure there is a life changing metaphor in it, they certainly are poetic. AND FABULOUS!!! Well done! Will you be opening an ETSY shop any time soon?

PetraMaria said...

Wow I really like your prayer flag. I would like to make my own, you inspire me :)