Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Outside Art.

On a recent trip to Hermanus I captured these outdoor sculptures.
Heritage (Jaco Sieberhagen)

Awaiting your Return (Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe)

 Guardian Angel (Shany van den Berg)

Trans-Figure XXIV (Dylan Lewis)

Sculpture I (Herman von Nazareth)

Sculpture II (Herman von Nazareth)

Cone Virus (Gordon Froud)

Circle of Sticks (Strijdom van der Merwe)

 Nest (Strijdom van der Merwe)


Leenie B said...

I really liked them all (except the von Nazareths looked like they were still under construction). My fav is the swimmer with the striped suit looking out at the ocean. Maybe working up courage to get into the cold water??? ;)

Tana Goosen said...

Pragtige fotos liewe Snussi