Monday, October 6, 2014

Masiphumelele Group Exhibition.

Michaelis (UCT) School of Fine Art 3rd year students are exhibiting work at the Masiphumelele Library from 6 - 18 October as part of a community outreach programme. We went to have a look today.

The Mystical Bookworm (Emily Allen)

Unyawo Alunampumlo (Daniela Puccini) - to accompany the labyrinth in the courtyard, and my favourite piece of the show.

Cyclically feminine (Sue Greeff) - working with ten young local females, this collaboration resulted. Crystals are growing on each ovoid shape - unfortunately not clearly visible on my cellphone picture!

Unfortunately I missed the name of the painter of the triptych below. The three paintings illustrate three traditional Masiphumelele stories. The second one is very poignant. Not all stories have a happy ending ...

Humble Beginnings (Amy Louise Spring) - working with four young local girls, the artist explored their dreams and hopes for the future with them.  It is great to see that young girls today see options for themselves that we (as 1960's kids) would never have dreamt could be achieved by a woman. After the more traditional choices of teacher and nurse, the last two girls dream of becoming a pilot and a soldier respectively!

A Woven Strength (Pamela Mulock-Bentley)

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