Monday, April 20, 2015

City Walk - Play Saturday

The second Saturday of every month Cape Town CBD (Company Gardens, St George's Mall and the Fan Walk) becomes a venue for people to come together and play. I went with a friend last Saturday - what fun we had! It was totally inspiring and mood-uplifting. I made a bagful of origami birds (from recycled magazine pages) and distributed them to people, inviting them to hang them somewhere along the walk,

Svetlana the Mathematician decided to hang her bird in a tree. A logical thing for a mathematician to do, I guess.

I used the remaining birds to decorate the Fan Walk. (At the end of the day I took them all down again - no need to litter the inner city!) (Thanks to Colleen Ross for this picture).

Colleen handed out a zine - A Little Book of Happiness - and recorded people's thoughts about being South African.

Pictures of the other events will be put up in my next post ...


Linda Sue said...

Art is not litter! The little birds are delightful, And I want Colleen's hat.

Colleen Ross said...

what a fabulous day. Can't wait for the next one!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

:) !!!!! What wonderful gifts to fellow Capetonians! Love all the colour too Ms C & M (thoughts of Betty too).