Saturday, April 25, 2015

More Play.

More photos of the City Walk (Play Saturday) initiative.
This woman dished out cones with soil and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds. I planted mine in the Company Gardens - and look forward to it blooming!

These guys are part of #100AfricanReads - a group of artists and students who read from books by African authors and dressed up in beautifully colourful clothes.

This woman was part of a fire dancing group - unfortunately you can't see the fire  - but it was pretty spectacular!
More #100AfricanReads.

A mime artist
A game of big chess - for big and little players!
A game of scrabble in progress ...

More #100AfricanReads

A girl posing ...

More #100AfricanReads

Artists and lecturer Andrew Putter talking to a group of people about his design students' installation on the Fan Walk - all done with the paper from till rolls!

These guys did a fantastic harmonising number - they were truly amazing!
Jazz music on St Georges' Mall ...

This woman was dressed up and ready to rock!

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Anonymous said...

Love that you planted your sunflower seeds in the Co Gardens. Thank you for sharing, Anairam.