Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekword: Fantabulous

Kristi chose a wonderful word for this week. Fabulous is such a lovely 60's word, isn't it? And fantabulous, a blend of fantastic and fabulous, is even more ... well ... fantabulous!
(For other participants, see Kristi's blog)


Anonymous said...

a fantabulous drawing to illustrate the word!!

Stephanie said...

I love the ant. Too cute.

Linda Sue said...

Oh my dear GAWD! You are the clever one- That is perfect and made my day! I am printing it out and putting it in my cheer place of honor- the fridge door! GREAT! Clever clever girl!

Lady P said...

he he - you are funny
i love your play on words
you are very good at these, or haven't you noticed yet
you must be off the nose cozy and feeling better

L'Atelier said...

haha the ant just made its way in and made it even better ;)
i have used fantabulous on all the blogs this week... guess the ant has creeped into my vocabulary too
happy weekend!

FruensWerk said...

;))) good idea with the ant ;)))

aimee said...

hahaaaaaaa!!!! LOVE it! so clever. i missed the weekword this time - hopefully i'll jump back in for the next one.

seriously. i ADORE this! :)

●• Tiny Red said...

hahahaha lovely!!!

Candace said...

Fantabulosa, My Dear! You know how I love words. Must come from being a linguist... and a writer/editor.
The doodling is great!
Love the style.
Candace in Athens.

asphaltandair said...

so great how you find a way to turn the word into something new!
wishing you a most fantabulous week!
You're the wordweek leader this week!

lea said...

hehe fun idea with the ant! looking forward to hear what you come up with for next weeks weekword.

kendalee said...

Brilli-ant! You're SO clever!

Hope both you and le'Usband have recovered from your lurgy? I feel one coming on and it could not be worse timing - wedding week... I'm dosing myself with all sorts, which in itself is probably not a great idea but as long as I feel no pain, I reckon I'm good to go! :)