Friday, September 18, 2009

Two fragments

This is not my weekword entry; it is not ready yet. But during the search for the poem which I half-remembered and needed to google in order to create my weekword, I came upon this. It is from a text called Fragments of Heraclitus.

Fragment 3
Aetius, Opinions, II, 21, 4 [Doxogr. 351]
The sun is the width of a man's foot.
Fragment 6
Aristotle, Météorologiques, B 2, 355a 14
The sun is new every day.

I have no idea what the first means but both fragments are kind of cool.


Sarah said...

I like these. The first one makes me think of a man lying on the floor with his foot in the air in front of the sun and the second one is just lovely. There was a great exhibition in the Tate Modern a few years ago which consisted of a huge sun at one end of the massive main room. It was quite awe inspiring and made me really think about something so important that I basically take for granted!

Leenie said...

A sun that size seems more friendly, and it is good to be reminded there is at least one thing we can depend on.

aimee said...

i love what leenie said!

Lady P said...

the sun is only as big as we can conceive it to b in terms of our own bodies- like happiness or "light"? makes one muse aloud and ponder rays of light

Anonymous said...

i will take it as a reminder to keep things in perspective.
always helpful.

nathalie et cetera said...

oh my! if this is your preview, I'm curious to see the actual post. Heraclitus was a sage man.