Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We haven't been in Hout Bay for years, and yesterday was such a beautiful day that we decided to take a drive round Chapmans Peak.

This gentleman is inspecting the area next to the road - Chapmans Peak is well-known for rockfalls and opened earlier this year after having been closed for several years for maintenance and upgrading of safety features.

Me, with aforementioned hat, and Snous.

Taking Snous for a walk on Hout Bay beach. We took a green flag along - do you know what it's for?

Quite a novel idea, I thought. Have never seen it before. Snous did not make use of her green flag, but we did leave a tip!

After our walk we sat outside at the Dunes restaurant and looked out towards the harbour, guzzling pizza and a chicken burger. Snous, of course, had both.


Linda Sue said...

Perhaps jewelry is made from the poos...Maybe someone is that clever...Your photo up high making me a bit nervous because Snous looks as though she could use those angel ears for taking off over the vast blue sea, loosing her way and taking up with a black bird thinking that "this must be Mum"...Love your style, love your hat-
your black

Leenie said...

It looks like you had lovely weather for your outing. Love the hat!

And yes, you and Linda Sue could be sisters and opposites. You are south, she is north, you are tall, she is not. You both look so lovely in black and both are accompanied by a little white dog. Hers a guy yours a girl.

Snous looks very fine with the green flag deco.

annekata said...

Love your hat. And you look fantastic in your very chic black combination. I would wear the entire outfit in a wink. Very much appreciated you comment yesterday about happiness!!

Sarah said...

The hat looks great! Lovely place to visit too.

Sarah said...

Ps-When I was reading your book the other day, Cassie was really sniffing it-I wondered if it smelt(smelled?-which is correct?!) of Snous!

Ruthiep said...

Gorgeous scenery - just lovely. I just noticed you live in South Africa, and it just looks amazing! Someday we should swap houses, you get to visit New York, and I'll explore your neck of the woods.
The outfit looks lovely, and I like bubbly too! Which you could have with lunch at Bubby's.

kendalee said...

Great hat and green flag accessorizing - you are a pair of stylish girls! The beautiful Cape is looking, well, beautiful. *sigh*

Nicky Linzey said...

You and your hat look great!