Friday, October 29, 2010

Beautiful Surprise.

A friend gave me an orchid as a birthday present 18 months ago. It flowered for months; then the blooms withered and dropped off and I was left with ... well ... a dry stick with some leaves. I stopped watering it and I didn't throw it out (pure laziness on my part) and there it stood in the sun room; sad,  neglected and dusty. Then a few weeks ago I spotted a few buds, and watered it for the first time in about 10 months. And two days ago I saw this:

Which just goes to show that laziness does have its own rewards.
Have a lovely weekend, dear friends. Be a little lazy!


nathalie et cetera said...

anairam, orchids bloom once a year for several months and then loose their flowers and bloom again a few months later. It survived without water because this plant feeds and gets its water from the air. But if you want it to look nice, it preferable to water it regularly.
Yours looks beautiful!

Leenie said...

A wonderful gift that keeps on giving! I'll bet you were rewarded with fragrance as well. Sometimes we get goodness even when we're not expecting it.

Anonymous said...

I love orchids! I have several on the kitchen windowsill, which are demoted to the guest bedroom windowsill when they finish flowering. (I also have fake flower sprays - which are fairly realistic) to put in some of the pots until they flower again. I've had some of mine for at least 6 years!!

aimee said...

oh, i love it when this happens (i neglect to water like you do) - it seems impossible for anything to grow once it has been completely desiccated, and then the plant defies all expectations and pops out a beauty. this situation would drive a metaphor analyst wild with delight. viva laziness!

arcadia said...

Ek het 'n einste orgidee wat staan in my gastekamer...was oppad om dit uit te gooi maar nou het jy my sommer van plan laat verander.