Monday, November 1, 2010


This year I made a very simple shrine. Photos of my mom and dad, and a few mementoes - a handkerchief of my mom's, the memoir my dad wrote and finished shortly before his death, my mom's pink and black plastic beads that I will always associate with her. No flowers, just a mint plant. For food, a simple dish of small pears.

Last year's was quite different.  I wonder why?


Linda Sue said...

This is very sweet- your Mom and Dad think so too- Lovely, simple, sentimental but in a sincere loving way. I still have my Mom stuffed in a ginger jar- today I will put her glasses on, take her around and show her stuff.

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely thing to do. I remember my Mum and Dad on the anniversaries of thier deaths, but don't do anything like this.

Leenie said...

Very nice tradition. I think Day of the Dead is a much better way to celebrate this time of year---to remember and honor the loved ones no longer with you.

Begging for candy in costume has just become another way for big stores to sell us things we don't need.

Sarah said...

This is really lovely. Simple and beautiful.