Saturday, November 27, 2010


Forgive me if I have books on my mind. I am editing the first of the three that will keep me busy over the next couple of months, so books are kind of topical right now.
But fear not, dear Reader! This post is not about these books, but about two others that I acquired over the last month or two.

Very, very handy, this one. Especially now that I seem to have developed a thing for stitchcraft. (Which rhymes with witchcraft.  Not that that is of any relevance. Though it does make me want to write a story about a witch called Mildred who has a passion for embroidery ...)

This one (published in 1964) is really about designing, and not so much about embroidery, but I just love the illustrations.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Read a book!


Sarah said...

That book does have lovely illustrations! Have a good weekend!

nathalie et cetera said...

these are fantastic, especially the second one.
would like to know more about Mildred the embroider withchhhhh!

Leenie said...

Yes! Write down the story if Mildred the Stitchery Witch in all your spare time. That is a tale just waiting for your authorship. I'll tell everyone I knew your even before you became famous.

Anonymous said...

Me too - I want you to write a story about Mildred!! Enjoy your books - they both look very interesting!sessi

arcadia said...

Ek sit met 'n stapel boeke langs my bed waarby ek nie uitkom nie. Een oor pornografiestudies, een oor modernistiese argitektuur, en een oor joodse kos. sug. dis tyd vir vakansie.

Freshly Found said...

I am fascinated by vintage How-To books! I have quite a collection of crochet books. The Complete Encyclopaidia of Stitchcraft seems like a gem!