Sunday, November 14, 2010

Land art.

Last week I spent a day doing a land art workshop with artist Andree Bonthuys at Die Kelders and Platbos.

"simple creative acts of walking and marking 
about place, locality, time, distance and measurement"      (Richard Long on land art)

Hand-sewn Nest (probably about my recent obsession with hand-sewing) - I left a treasure inside the nest for someone to find.

Target = Red (definitely about my obsession with collecting, sorting, categorizing)

Magic Ladder (hmmmm, about filling in spaces, a habit of mine?)

Other land artists I admire: Andy Goldsworthy,   Strijdom van der Merwe,    Robert Smithson


Sarah said...

I really like these. The day sounds fun and relaxing. Glad you enjoyed it!

Freshly Found said...

What an amazing experience! Love your handstitched nest.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting day - I love your work!!

Leenie said...

Not a prison at all but freedom with Nature. Looks like a splendid way to express your thoughts. Love all of your works.

Linda Sue said...

COOL! When my son was little and fun...we made land art- now I must settle for Dexter's skills, marginal at best...

Alexandra Hedberg said...


.seems like you had the best of Thursdays!I've also been taking some landart workshosp (ages ago though) - and I loved it!

I especially liked you hand-sewn nest!

aimee said...

this looks heavenly... a much better use of your time than going to the dentist!

L'Atelier said...

oh i love this! what a wonderful way to do art!
(hope that one day i shall see your land art for myself)